Apply for a free ECO4 grant today

To apply for your free insulation grant, you must be in receipt of, either any of the qualifying benefits, or qualify through the ECO Flex scheme.

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how to Apply for a free ECO4 grant

Apply for your free ECO4 grant today

To apply for your free insulation grant you must be in receipt of either a qualifying benefit or qualify through the ECO Flex scheme.

Complete the application form below, and we will contact you to verify that you qualify for an ECO4 grant, whether it be through the benefits or the ECO Flex scheme. The qualifying benefits are shown below:

ECO4 qualifying benefits

Child Benefit (conditions apply)
Child Tax Credit
Employment & Support Allowance
Housing Benefit
Income support
Job Seekers Allowance
Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
Pension Credit Savings Credit
Universal Credit
Working Tax Credit
Warm Homes Discount

What if I’m not receiving one of these benefits, can I be helped?

Up to 50% of energy efficiency measures installed in England, Wales and Scotland can be completed through the ECO4 Flex scheme, and is for households whose combined gross income is below £31,000 per year, or if you have certain health conditions which would make you vulnerable to the cold.

The ECO4 Flex scheme is administered by Local Authorities who are responsible for rolling it out in your area, and they will verify your income or health eligibility. It is a slow process and is expected to be fully live by April 2023.

We will check as part of your application, if your area is now open for applications.

Is there any other qualifying criteria?

As well as being in receipt of a qualifying benefit or qualify through the Flex route (more on that below), your home must also be in one of the lower energy efficiency bands as follows:

  • Owner Occupier: Your home must be in an EPC Band D, E, F or G
  • Rented Property: Your home must be in an EPC Band E, F, or G
  • Social Housing: Your home must be in an EPC Band E, F or G although there are some measures available if you are in a Band D property

I don’t know my EPC band

Don’t worry, if you don’t know your EPC band you can check it quickly here.

If your home doesn’t have an EPC one will be completed as part of the application process for free.

I’m a Landlord, can I get any help?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came in to effect in April 2018, and means that all rented properties must now have a minimum energy efficiency rating of band ‘E’ unless exempted.

However, from 2025, all properties rented on new tenancies must meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of Band ‘C’, and properties with existing tenants must be brought up to this standard by 2028. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £30,000.

These changes are in line with the Government’s net zero emissions by 2050 targets and, will also apply to properties which are being sold from 2035.

How can we help?

If your tenant is receiving one of the benefits listed above, your property will be eligible for a grant to improve your property and receive insulation, First Time Central Heating and, if your property has a non-condensing boiler an Air Source Heat Pump with solar panels.

In fact, the ECO4 scheme says that all Band ‘E’ rated properties must reach a minimum Band ‘C’ after installation of energy efficiency measures.

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